Political trilogy

A political trilogy on the three levels of civic action and life: the single, the group, the mass movement.
The thirty-year battle at the "Vele" of Vittorio Passeggio in Naples («The man with the megaphone»), the Podemos group in Berlin («Línea de fuga») and the Gezi revolt in Istanbul («The rhythm of Gezi» ).
Looking for fragments of the grammar of change scattered in the three corners of my daily life of the last 6 years: Naples, Berlin, Istanbul.
Snapshots of courageous, contradictory experiences, told without filters, not to forget the natural mistakes of human aggregation, but not even those virtuous examples that are too fast left along the way. 
I) The man with the megaphone

'60, 2012.
presented at the VII International film festival in Rome, november 2012.
In the background of a Naples on the edge of the barracks, the portrait of a small Don Quixote in the outskirts, in the forefront for 30 years as the founder of the Historical Citizen Committee of the "Vele" of Scampia. A portrait of the hidden Naples through the story of Vittorio Passeggio, a character with antique and extraordinarily modern contours.
On the eve of one of the most significant election campaigns for the Mayor of Naples, a man who, after a few years spent "going to sleep early," returns to the "Vele" of Scampia and reopens the seat of the Historical Committee of the tenants, that for years had represented the social struggles of those who never gave up on the logic of being abandoned in the suburbs. It is time to resume the discussion so as not to leave the last families remaining in the "Vele" in the name of the "benefactors", who will come down as vultures with the usual fateful promises to buy the people's vote. The nostalgia for those years of struggle joins the need not to abandon those who still remain in the "Vele", the last assigned families to whom no new accommodation has yet been delivered, but also the families of new occupiers, those who have not found any other place in Naples where to stay. The events of the committee are interwoven with some moments of the election campaign of Luigi de Magistris, the next mayor of Naples in the documentary and hope of the city, who has decided not to leave alone the inhabitants of the "Vele". 
A Michelangelo Severgnini film-documentary.
With Vittorio Passeggio.
Filmed, directed and orchestrated by Michelangelo Severgnini.
Written with Lina Cascella.
Edited by Annalisa Forgione and Gianni Alfano.
Colour corrected by Simona Infante.
Produced by Figli del Bronx, Naples, in coproduction with Minerva pictures and in collaboration with MAD Entertainment.  
II) Gezi'nin ritmi - The rhythm of Gezi
'45, 2014.
Presented at the IX International workers film festival in Istanbul, may 2014.
When the first hundreds of Istanbul citizens end up in May 2013 to go to Gezi Park to physically prevent the bulldozers from cutting the trees, a samba Turkish band joins the park by spreading rhythm and rebellion among the people who have come to support the protest. After the brutal eruption of the park by the Turkish police, the band continues to be present on the barricades until the next reconquest of the park, animating with music and thoughts that collective push to social justice whose courage has caught the attention of the whole world. 
A Güvenç Özgür and Michelangelo Severgnini documentary.
With SambIstanbul.
Filmed and directed by Güvenç Özgür and Michelangelo Severgnini.
Edited by Michelangelo Severgnini.
Produced by Tunnel production, Istanbul.  

III) Línea de fuga - Line of flight (the Podemos circle in Berlin)
'80, 2016.
Presented at the Moviemento Kino in Berlin on May 15 2017.
On May 15, 2011, at a time of full continental austerity policy, alongside a rampant national corruption, while Arab countries are in revolt, hundreds of thousands of Spanish citizens surprisingly come down the street. They will be called "Indignados". They camp in the squares of Spain, especially Plaza del Sol in Madrid. The whole world looks at them. More than 4 years later, a group of young spaniards, exiled to Berlin, give birth to the local circle of Podemos, the political movement emerged in Spain following the mobilizations.
In December 2015 there are elections in their country and these guys are going to do something to create awareness among all Spanish citizens resident in Berlin. They would like to convince them to vote for a change that gives them a chance to go back home. The revolutionary push of the movement seems to be overwhelming, meanwhile, weakened by the hard work of waiting for a still far-reaching change, opposed by the official Spanish media like in the rest of Europe.
Nevertheless, this group of people decides to wager in change to make sense of their economic exiles among other exiles in Berlin: the Greeks, the Italians, the Turks, the Kurds, the Syrians.
And here, in the eye of the hurricane, in this Berlin, economic and political capital of Europe, their challenge is defined in a continental context and joins the desperate cry of hope of a whole new generation of Berliners.
A Michelangelo Severgnini film-documentary.
With the circle of Podemos in Berlino.
Filmed, directed and orchetrated by Michelangelo Severgnini.
Edited by Sergio Liguori.
Colour corrected by Cristina Infante
Produced by Federica Loddo in coproduction with Weltfilm, Berlin, in collaboration with Verkami.  

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