Waiting for the mules

Tonight Bandista played their last concert. At least for a while. Çağdaş moved to Paris. All the others decided to have a break. Haymatlos, the concert place, was crowded and all the axes of the floor were shaking under the feet of a dancing crowd. A concert of Bandista is like to say something you can not miss. There has not been any month since february without a concert of Bandista in Istanbul. So, how to imagine our future without Bandista? How imagine the future now when only 20 months ago I met for the first time these guys just playing guitars on the sofa at home? And cause of the warmth of their friendship since then I started to think to move here. And by the way, in 9 days will be 1 year (I said: 1 year) since I moved here.
Things are changing. People went, people came. Weeks just passed by. I worked like a dog, as we say. But officially the shootings are over, now. Tomorrow I will start the last music recordings, it means that I will need a good star over me. It's something written in the drops that are now falling down from the gutter. It's something written in the gusts that blow around the Galata tower, this cold Lodos. It's something written in the notes that a bass line is playing coming from who knows where, now, in the night. A good star, that's all what I need.
Then on saturday I will fly to Berlin for a few days and then a short visit back to Italy, 6 months later. 
But please, by now, take a look of the link here beside or here following and watch the trailer of "Katırlar doğurunca", my seemingly neverending work. That's our next duty, waiting for the mules to give birth.
Here below some pictures during some shooting on the Bosphorus, with Ali and Şeyda.
Here below on a little boat on the Bosphorus with Elif.
Here below in Sulukule. The kids and I attached a small video-camera to a kyte and sent it to the sky. We made some really amazing shootings from the sky on the rubbles of the place surrounded by the roman walls and the kids like small spots on the ground. 
Here below in Sirkeci train station shooting with Ahmed, Yusuf and Nüket.
Here below in Aksaray with Özgü, Ahmed and Jodith, after the shootings with the Eritrean guys that live there.
Here below some pictures in Edirne, with Özgü, Ahmed and Ase. We made some shootings on the border between Grece and Turkey. An unforgettable nice 2-days trip!

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