Unexpected respite

The storm (and the heat, to be honest) has granted a respite. I had a small break from filming yesterday. Also because not everything went as planned and therefore some work has been postponed to late August. So yesterday afternoon I was with Karagüneş for a session on the road on Istiklal Caddesi. We even collected a fair hoard.. it was the first experiment, but it should be repeated in future.
Meanwhile, the workshop in Sulukule continues. Later in the afternoon I will go there for another meeting. Friday should be the last day of workshop, for now. A few days ago we attended an amazing fight with kites between the kids there. This is one of their favourite games and the goal is to cut the other kites until only one remains. For this, they use to put some razor blades on the wings of the kite and once they get in touch in the sky, often one is cut and then falls down.
Next week I will leave for a trip throughout Turkey. Fabrizio will come from Italy and Tunç will be with us for the first part of the trip. We will end our journey in the very East part of the country. Meanwhile I will try to do my best going on with the work.
Here above a latin inscription of Costantinople an a gate in the ancient walls of the city. These walls delimit the neighbourhood of Sulukule. The walls are completely abandoned waiting to collapse. In this picture, beyond the gate, the rubble of a destroyed house.
Thanks to Ludovica who made the photo report of the street concert.
Here above, on the way home, at sunset, a man with his son are taking care of a colony of cats and feeding them. In the distance the muezzin was calling to prayer.
Here above, sightseeing with Ludovica who came to visit me from Italy.

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