Under the same moon

Finally the detention center on the island of Lesbos "Pagani" has been emptied. This morning there were whole families of Afghans and Somalis who were bathing on the beach. The Greek authorities have seemed more than amenable, perhaps surprised by such an action in European-anarchist style, or maybe just not at ease with the profession of torturers and in the end they set them free. In fact it was the Prefecture to decide to release migrants detained in the center, then it should be said that it was also a political choice of the greek government.
WATCH HERE the film "Noborder action in Lesvos" I shot and edited. 
However, the center was in inhumane conditions. As has been amply documented by the activity of the media group of the "NoBorder Camp". WATCH HERE the history of these days, videos and photos.
I tried long to wonder myself and the comrades how nobody has thought to make any action in Lampedusa. The answer was: we have no connections there. Yes, understandable. Only 5 thousand pepole live there. But, my friends, watch out. The greek situation, if compared, seems a resort. Anyway.. It's a long way to make people realize it.
In the camp with us for some days there are dozens of immigrants released from the center, mainly Somalis, Afghans and Palestinians. The mixture is quite interesting, given that the composition is made up of Europeans comrades, mostly Germans. Far more numerous than the Greeks. Then a few more scattered. Less than 10 the Italians. And given this prevailing Nordic composition, the beach was soon transformed into a nudist beach. Actually, the Somali women have not much liked, but without too many dramas have simply kept away from the beach. Instead Afghan boys are almost all the time on the beach.
But it is understandable for them is the first time they see the sea. Aziz has told me. We met on the shore. He asked
<<Can you swim?>>.
<<Yes, certainly. You?>>.
<<... no ...>>.
But fear had none. You see, after trying the American bombs, how can they can fear some greek seawater.
This morning we met in line for breakfast. Finally he got 2 slices of bread with jam overloaded. He looked at me smiling and said candidly:
<<To swim makes me hungry...>>. 

This is also the island of Sappho, "smiling and wearing a crown of violets".
<<δέδυκε μὲν ἀ σελάννα
καὶ Πλήιαδες ˙ μέσσαι δὲ
νύκτες πάρ δ ἔρχετ ὤρα ˙
ἔγω δὲ μόνα κατεύδω>>.
<<The moon is down and then also the Pleiades,
already midnight, the time passes by,
and I sleep surrounded by lack>>.
But at least, now, we all sleep under the same moon, even if our sisters and brothers from Afghanistan or Somalia or wherever, feel surrounded by the lack of their country. At least they watch the moon as all human beings and not the dirty roof of a detention center.

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