Turkish eternal waits

Half a day waiting for the train. We moved early this morning from Göreme, we took a bus to Kayseri convinced to take a train at 2 pm hour. Once at the station the man informed us that the informations found on internet were wrong. The train was at 4 pm, but the stationmaster-conductor-factotum warned us: <<But perhaps it arrives at 6 pm, who knows...>>. Through that station only 4 trains pass a day and it is not a remote village, it is an important town in the heart of Turkey. Tunç told us that Atatürk had built the railways in Turkey, but after the Second World War the Americans have demanded that the investments were diverted from rail to the roads, in order to sell cars and oil to Turkey. An old story, isn't it?
Indeed, the train arrived at 6 pm, that means more than 5 hours waiting for the train. But train is a very cheap mean of transport in Turkey, we paid only 5 "lira" per head, that means less than € 3. On the train we did spectacular shootings, for our movie and for a videoclip for a Tunç's song. The work was great partly because the scenery was very beautiful, amazing sunset and then because there was a very particular atmosphere on that train. People greeted us from the countryside, all seemed happy. Seemed a miracle that the trains still was rattling in the wilderness as if we were traveling through time on a single railway track.
In the station we have known some guys from the Czech Republic traveling through Turkey. We enjoyed our time by playing the guitar during our 4 hours journey to Sivas. For them, will be 18 hours if all goes well. The train is in Turkey like those promised loves which come, come, but never arrive. And when they arrive, it's true, you forget all the time spent waiting. And you meet many friends during the wait, this is true. So, what do I complain of? I should just learn to enjoy the eastern time, as the Turks live. An eternal waiting for something that sometimes comes.
Here above the Erciyes mount (3.917 m) near Kayseri.
Here above center and train station in Kayseri.
Here above the trip on train and the Czech friends.
Here below the daily pictures from Fabrizio's camera.

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