Rondo alla Turca

Here we are, back on the Bosphorus. Today is my birthday: 35. "Eyvallah", as they say here when you got something. The day is not finished yet and I don't remember many messages like today. Thank you all, my friends. Something really meaningful for me. And the turkish tribe is so kind and large!! But the italian one didn't forget about me. Not to speak about the international tribe...
In fact there is also another anniversary that I will celebrate in 5 days, but that I would like to mention today: on the 10th of August it will be 9 months since I moved to Istanbul. It was a narrow slit to get it, at the beginning. Moreover, at a certain point, I felt stuck, unable to go forward, unable to go backward. But, pushing and pushing I was out of this narrow slit and I could stand up in the middle of the cave. What amazing things I can see now!! One day it will be no easy to get out of the cave, but for the moment I am still fully amazed by the cave and I am just standing watching the internal walls with the nose upwards.
My turkish is improving, significantly in this last month. I experienced it in this last trip around Turkey. With a little dictionary i can communicate with whoever on whatever. It's something...
Arkadaşlar, şimdi biraz Türkçe biliyorum. O zaman, dikkatli ol. Ne söyleyorsunuz anlayabilirim... ;-)
Sorry, a little warning for the Turkish friends...
After months simply slipping on the glass without grasping, now I am putting one brick on another. And I aslo know who I have to thank for this, although she is in some remote mountain spot more than a thousand km far from Istanbul meditating. There's nothing to meditate of, sometimes, darling, take it just as it is.
A long road is behind, a longer one is before. Today I am resting after a travel, tomorrow I will start again. Maybe some seaside in August, maybe some Italy and Germany. September to finish the shootings and the music recordings and October for the cutting.
A long pain is behind, a longer joy must be before. And so, let's dance together this "Rondo alla Turca", wherever you are. And say a "cheers" for me, today!
Miche in the cave in Göreme, the nose upwards.

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