Panta rei

It is not because I do not write on the blog that things do not happen, of course. In fact, many things have happened meanwhile. After the concert in Linz, I spent a week in Italy: Milan, Rome, Bari and then I left behind a country that perhaps does not burn yet, but certainly seems to feel all the heat of the blazes.
In Milan I met my best friends: Armando, Filippo, Francesca. And for a while I felt hard to leave. A little cloud rained upon me and left me completely wet. Then I met Bernardo, my parents, uncle Andrea.
In Rome I met Ludovica. It was in October the last time that we met, that is since the last time I passed out from Rome. It was very strange being in Rome, the first time in recent unforgettable months, even if  full not always of desirable things.
I took many photos, I was almost on a pilgrimage to Rome in the corners that were my life until a few months ago. Corners that were the scene of happy pieces of my life. But they seemed silent and sad, just as sets now used and abandoned in a storeroom.
Ludovica helped me to not feel a ghost but to believe that those 4 years have and will have an effect tomorrow.
I left Bari with Luca, we are here in Istanbul together now. We also met together with Martina here. Life flows. Nothing is lost. So let it flow: "panta rei"!
Here above the Danube in Linz. 
Here above the backstage just a few minutes before the concert. You can see Tunç, Gencer, Emir and Ceyhun and a couple of guys from the staff.
Here above in Milan, people started again to write on the walls when there are no other ways to communicate: "who will protect us from the patrols?", patrols made of fascist citizens that the fascist Government established in order to "protect Italians from immigrants": shit propaganda. One day we called them "camicie nere" (black shirts). They are still the same. We know that the patrols are for us, disobedient Italians.
Here above Rome, the eternal city. Sequentially: the Coliseum, a gipsy boy playing the violin in piazza Navona, the statue of Giordano Bruno in piazza Campo de' Fiori, Ponte Sisto, the Tiber, the gate of my former house in Trastevere, Porta Settimiana, piazza Trilussa and again piazza Navona.
Here above San Lorenzo by night...

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