No one should forget

It took almost a week to recover myself after the visit of a bacterium got during the past travel through Turkey. As soon as I was fine again, I enjoyed myself showing the city (and its secrets) to some friends: Barbora and Pavel from Czech Republic, Ursula and Alex from Switzerland and Raffaele and Sara from Naples in Italy.
But what pushes me to write right now is the last usual unberable statement of the leader of "Lega Nord" (Northern League), italian party, Umberto Bossi. I am sick and tired of his statements, right? We are forced to listen to his idiocy since more than 20 years ago. But while everybody is paying attention to the misadventures of Berlusconi, he is the one who is once for all demolishing the country. And I wonder whether a country still exists on the opposite side of the Adriatic sea.
This is the Bossi's last statement (actually he is keeping on repeating it since more than 20 years ago):
<<No one should forget that in history the North has always given money to the South>>.
Which history? And, above all, which South? If a huge ammount of money ended in the pockets of mafia is not certainly guilt of the citizens of the South. Let's say that it was an easy way for all the politicians without regard to colour and latitude to deal with the mafia and take power in the parliament.
But why Italy still doesn't want to launch a sight in its own history? The country is about to implode. Have you noticed it? No? Please, take a look and try to realize it as soon as possible. Somebody should answer loudly to this man. The history of Italy was born in 1861 from a big exploitation of the North on the South. We should not easily accept this kind of statements without answering. At least now, after 20 years of idiots at command. Somebody should go back and open again the books of our own history in the first 10 years after the unification in 1861 and read them until the last word of the last page of those books. 
The mother of my father was a poor peasant of the North. She didn't see much of what the North stole from the South. Because it was not the exploitation of one people on another people. It was an exploitation of one Kingdom (that means of the gentlemen of that Kingdom) on the people of another Kingdom, that was the former Kingdom of the two Sicilies. So there's no reason of anger today between italian people. And that widespread by the "Lega Nord" in these last 20 years can not even be called a sort of policy. it's just mere hatred of idiots.
Anyway, I translated some pieces of a book written by Carlo Coppola called "Counter-history of the unification of Italy". Everybody should read this book on how the Northern of Italy exploited the Southern Italy thanks to what they called unification and on the contrary it was nothing more than an annexation. HERE'S IN ITALIAN.
<<The government of Turin adopted in the former Kingdom of Naples a policy of mere exploitation of a "colonialist" so as exclaimed by the deputy Francesco Noto in parliamentary sitting on 20 November 1861: "This is invasion is not union, not annexation! You want to use our land as a conquest. The government of Piedmont wants to treat the southern provinces such as Cortez and Pizarro in Peru and in Mexico, like the British in the kingdom of Bengal". (...)
In 1866, despite the considerable contribution of gold banks of the South, the Italian currency was forced to "forced the course" that was considered by financial inconvertibile gold. Unequivocal sign of a disastrous state of the finances and stellar inflation. Italian bonds came to apply two thirds of the nominal value when those issued by the Bourbon government had an average return of 18%. (...)
It will take many decades before the post-unification Italy, from an economic point of view, can regain some credibility. (...)
Today's economic backwardness of the South is the results of the bad choices and at least half a century of economic insane policy and total state of neglect of the Kingdom of Naples by the state. (...)
Then again cites the Zitara: "Without the looting of the Bourbon savings, the Savoy Italy would have had no future. On the same resource assignment was the National Bank of Sardis. The mountain of money circulating in the South would provide five hundred million of gold and silver, a mass imposing a reserve to be allocated (...).
In short, for the Piedmont, the plundering of the South was the only answer at hand, groped to overcome the troubles that had made". (...)
The problem was Piedmont non-compliance of the "convertibility" of its currency, which means that for every pound of paper of Piedmont did not correspond an equivalent value in gold paid to the issuing bank, that due to the insane policy of spending on armaments of the state. (...)
Put simply, the currency was paper of Piedmont, while neapolitan was solid and convertible by its very nature (a Bourbon coin had its value in itself because the quantity of gold or silver contained in it had almost equal value than nominal). (...)
As a result of that the Piedmont was immediately prevented the Bank of the Two Sicilies (later divided in Banco di Napoli and Banco di Sicilia) to mop up the market to turn their coins for paper money as provided by the Piedmont, as in this way the banks could issue paper currency for a value of 1200 million and they could check all the Italian financial market (although the two banks were allowed to issue paper currency for a few more years). That hour, however, passed through specific maneuvers in the coffers of Piedmont. (...)
On the other hand a policy of development, with such errors and epochal economic disasters (for example, the failure of the Banca Romana, the main financing of the state unit or the scandal Bastogi for the allocation of railway orders), was implemented only in the North and South ended to pay costs and expenses of the war of annexation, as well as the costs become huge of modernization of the north>>.

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