On the move

After 36 years my parents moved. My mother has traveled the 870 km back and is again in her hometown. Welcome back to "Terronia". Land of mafia and corruption, but also a land of brigands and sailors, poets and courageous people. The same distance from Bari, more or less, is to Istanbul, if they had continued the double, would arrive here. This moving is a legendary epic, a little great our family's page.
Meanwhile here the Ramadan is over and we are survivors of floods and of the first grazing cold of autumn, which can cut even friendships.
Indeed, even here in Istanbul there was a move. I left the neighborhood Tarlabaşı, with regret and many puzzles unsolved, but also with the desire to hasten the pace and be in the center of myself.
Bernardo, my brother, pointed out to me that these days I made another move. I moved some things from the daily mind troubles to the archieve of memory. I wrote a short story that I will publish in Italian on the website in the coming days.
Here is instead available the video clip I made for Sultan Tunç we filmed in July on the road in Turkey. The song is called "Bir yol hikayesi" ("The story of the road"), WATCH HERE. For tonight the road tells the story of so many moves and I've got so many indeed. Waiting for the next.
Here above the new flat and its amazing view on the Galata tower.
Here above crossing the Bosphorus with Katha and Isabel, 2 German friends met in Lesvos. They are now on travel to Israel.
Here above the Galata tower, seen from the Bosphorus.
Here above 3 preview photos from the movie I am shooting here in Istanbul, temporarily titled in English "When the mules will give birth". He is the legendary Vartkes.
Our 870 km permanent migration.

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