The moon and the rose

The tribe is back. Better, some members. Some others scattered in the Aegean coast of Turkey. After 3 unforgettable days in Özdere, near Izmir, for "Rock-a festival" 2009. On the 4th of July, Bandista will have a concert in Izmir with Inti-Illimani, therefore some of them stayed there around and some came back to istanbul. I also will go to Izmir for this concert in a few days, so it seems this is my Aegean period in Turkey. But, after all, what else but this?
In this case I think pictures tell much better than words. I can also add that I was back in Rock-a one year later. One year ago in those days I defenitively planned to move to Istanbul, I can't forget. Now, exactly one year later, my stay in Turkey has blossomed. The seed had to be patient, because the winter was so cold, windy and cruel. So he had to hide in the womb of the earth. But this was the time to courageously face the new world and to throw forward the most beautiful things that he has: the blossoms. That means: joy, serenity, cheerfulness, gentleness, curiosity, brotherhood.
Who can remember the animal hunted and fearful I was only a year ago, in an attempt to open an escape route to avoid being a "final used", that means a fucked up insignificant and slavish dick in Italy. Now I am another person, I feel free, and I am sorry for those who have ceased to attend me and are losing this new season. I feel free and myself is coming out.
Who can remember where I was exactly 7 months ago, trapped without hope. Now before me I still have a month of hard work, then I will raise the head and I will understand where I will be then. Now I feel like a man on the run during a solo race. Nobody chases me, but there is no slow down.
But then, suddenly, on the rocks overlooking the sea, I was caught between two moons and I have felt nothing but the passage of time has stood still.

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