İyi yolculuklar!

We left! Tunç, Fabrizio and I. A 10 days of travel through Turkey. For now we are in the city of Mevlana. We arrived a few hours ago. The last week in Istanbul was very hard, there were many things to do. And there should be things to tell. The night passed on Büyük Ada, an island in the Sea of Marmara where cars are forbidden, only carriages with horses that speed fast in large numbers, and I on one of these with the contrabass, Ludovica and Özhan, because we were there with Bandista to play during a celebration of marriage of German people, the mosquitoes, the flowers of lavender smeared on the skin and a woman with her arm broken at dawn.
Many other things, some scenes filmed, the cry of a girl.
But now we are here. Konya has a smell of dry straw. We arrived at midnight and the streets were already deserted. Time to familiarize with the city and its secrets and take place in a small hotel.
Tomorrow I will make some shootings with Fabrizio and visit the tomb of the founder of the whirling dervishes.
İyi yolculuklar!
Buon viaggio!
Nice trip!

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