I hate September freedom fighters

I hate September. But I love October. I do not know, maybe it's the summer come to an end. Perhaps I would like to be already a step forward and instead take the first step is the thing that costs more.
Many things I should tell of these last 2 weeks. Anyway I am still here and I am still working hardly. That's enough to know.
Today (all right, today is already October, but the campaign lasted throughout September) in Italy there was a demonstration for the freedom of press. It's not something that excites me. I mean, I don't need to be informed by anybody now that in Italy there's a problem of freedom of press. I already know how it works. Since I am living here now, after 4 years working for the Italian tv, it means that my time in that system was expired. But I don't feel to be an activist in this movement for freedom of press.
First: I don't recognize that to be a journalist in Italy you must pass an exam to get the inscription in their own register. Any citizen is a media. Any citizen is a journalist. Otherwise we have to admit that there are citizens who make opinions and citizens who follow opinions. Citizens who decide what is important to know and citizens who never know things that for somebody else are not important. Any citizen is responsible of the culture he carries and of the news he knows. It's his duty to be a media. Always.
Second: I don't feel to support those who in these last 15 years never organized a demonstration in order to ask Berlusconi where he found the money with which he could buy or corrupt more than a half of Italians, how he could manage to bear by the balls the opposition (should I call it so?), and many more questions never made. But now, these "journalists", found tho courage to ask him about what he did in his bed. Yes, I mean, strange kind of civic curiosity.
Third: I am convinced that who still is working for the press in Italy is somebody who can not speak about Berlusconi, because somehow is thanks to him if he can still speak. Am I clear?
These journalists who today went down in the street seem like many prodigal sons before starting to eat the berries, so they can still protest. You let him get this point, just avoiding the right questions for years, in order to safely sail in the mainstream, now you want to go for those who make questions and don't receive answers? Think to fool me? No, I don't support this movement. Those who made the right questions and still are making, are out of the press since a while at least, but still they are media, because still are citizens. Go and search for them on the net.
Anyway, I think we Italians are not able to shout anymore. To shout doesn't mean to complain. We are more than good in complaining. But you can also shout and not complain. Asking help, for example. Or better, saying which are your ideas, your principles. But we don't shout for any of these causes. I also don't shout. But at least I don't complain. I have never loved shouting. I believe in the truth that can walk through whispers. In fact today I am not shouting in Rome, but I am whispering in Istanbul. But at least I don't complain. When it was my time, I made my questions. I also didn't receive any answers, but at least I am convinced that the questions I made were the right ones. At least my questions were not questioning on bed affairs. Am I right, my dear press editors or tv producers?
In these weeks I met a new friend in Istanbul. His name is Kaveh. He is one who shouted a lot in the last months. Almost everyday. In the street. Escaping bullets, not bullshits like us Italians. So, I recognize him the right to shout out more than me, if he feels to do so. But yesterday, on a terrace under the Galata tower, we shared our common profile of exiles, whispering. He is from Tehran, Iran. He left his country because, as a member of the protest that shook Tehran in the last months, maybe the police is after him. You never know. And I think he was right to leave.
Ah, by the way. A few weeks ago, Giovanni Sartori called Berlusconi "sultan", and then the main world press started to do the same. Go and see how I defined him last June 26 in the page called "Who lies on the asphalt and who lies in the bed". I think we have to search out how much orientalistic Berlusconi's kingdom is.
For coming to an end: this is not time for fighting on the place. We allowed everything in the past, any kind of abuse, oppression and injustice. Please, don't try to disguise yourself as someone who is standing for freedom. The time to do that is over. The game is already over since long time. Wait for the next set.
Here above, spending time in the new flat drinking mate and playing with friends.
Here above some pictures that Kaveh took while we were playing in the street.

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