Geraniums on the run

This page of diary serves as a radio signal, before encountering the storm (and probably losing contact) or before diving into the Dantesque giron of the following 10 days. I locate myself and confirm that everything is fine, by now. Tomorrow who knows.
They will be 10 days of fire, things to do are so many, many shootings for the film, lots of responsibility and above all, as in all the hells, the unbearable heat.
So much so that the geraniums plant on the window, since a few days began to launch her branches and flowers toward the inside of the room not outwards towards the light. Incredible thing. But she also tries to escape heat.
Yesterday began the workshop with the kids of Sulukule. They are terrible, loud, but they are smart and clever. So nothing better than you could wish for!
Here above some pictures of Izmir, last week. It looks like in Palermo, isn't it?
Here above Seçkin is showing to the audience that that microphone was switched off during his speech claiming the rights of the young Turkish bands, during the concert in Izmir.
Seçkin is astonished towards the backstage after he noticed that the microphone was switched off.
Here he can continue his speech once the microphone works again.

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