Friends to be proud of

In one hour I will take a bus back to Istanbul. This is my first time in İzmir, the ancient Smyrna. Once arrived, yesterday, I just said: "hey, it seems to be in Palermo". This put me in a good mood and sent me back 2 years ago in that unforgettable summer in that beatiful amazing city that Palermo is. İzmir probably is nothing less, but 1 day is not enough to get an idea.
Anyway, I will upload some photo once back in Istanbul, but first I want to report on this diary what happened so far away from here in a small Italian city called Vicenza. My heart, as I already have written, yesterday was there. The activists of the citizen movement "No Dal Molin" demonstrated on the day of the US Independence in order to protest against the construction of the new american military base.
Here's 3 interesting link on the issue: a letter of Noam Chomsky to the "No Dal Molin" movement, an article from American Chronicle, and a letter written by the movement to the president Barack Obama.
Yesterday Vicenza has been militarized by the fiercest battalions of the Italian police and the protesters had to fight at the beginning of the parade, in spite of what assured by the quaestor of the city some days before. Despite the fightings with the police the parade could march through the streets of the city. The next slogan now seems to be: let's go to the White House! I agree, I believe it is the best way to put the current U.S. administration in front of their contradictions.
Yesterday night some other friends gave me another example for which to be proud of them. The Bandista had a concert not too far from İzmir. Once in the backstage, telling the truth, they found a strange situation. The staff was unkindly forcing the group to have a fast sound-check and using arrogance also to the other bands. It was clear, the main band had to be the Inti-Illimani. But this treatment was so much. So one band decided not to play. The Bandista went on the stage and while the first song had just started, Seçkin gave the welcome to the people claiming the dignity of the turkish youth. Some members of the organization, feeling to be provoked, tried to reach the stage and a kind of riot just began in the backstage while Bandista were still playing and Seçkin speaking. All of a sudden the microphone of Seçkin was put off. Luckily the Bandista use to sing all together behind Seçkin who is the leading vocals, so Özhan started to scream in his microphone while still playing the guitar: "Yok!!!!", that means "no!!!!". Finally the people from the odience stood up and started to clap and support the Bandista and the organizers had to set the Seçkin's microphone on again and let the concert just go on. Me? I was on the stage of course, shooting... The Inti-Illimani? Lost somewhere in the comfort of their legend...

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