Burning portraits in Sulukule

There are portraits that burn. Portraits that require a look in the mirror, to confront ourselves, our ideas, our fears, our false solutions.
Portraits that leave no way out. Just burn. Require to stop, to not delegate all at a later time, because now you can only stop and think about what burnt you.
These portraits burn, also because they are fresh, they have just been snapped.
In Sulukule, Roma district in Istanbul, probably the oldest Roma district of Europe (it's located on the European side, after all), born yet when Istanbul was called Constantinople. The Turkish authorities have decided to redevelop the neighborhood, the houses are demolished, the residents displaced. Soon they will build new houses for rich Turkish people. Meanwhile, people do not go away and they walk (and live) among the rubble.
Sulukule adjoins the ancient walls of Constantinople, but also palaces of modern Istanbul.
Someone had warned us: <<You will not be able even to carry a photo-camera in Sulukule, because people are angry and dangerous over there>>.
In 2 days instead we worked hard, Domenico, Luca and I. We shot a short film, written and interpreted by the Roma community of Sulukule, I made the directing and shooting. Soon I will cut it: "Güzel yurt, Sulukule" (= sweet home, Sulukule) is the provisional title.
In the first 3 weeks of July instead I will hold a workshop with the neighborhood kids, those who use the rubble as the summer camp. We will make the movie, and eventually shoot a story for the film. They have given us new names. My name is now Ahmet, Luca's Ali, Domenico's Mehmet.
There are other portraits that burn. Those shot without camera by these people that know you very well, feel you, love you. I have received several in recent days. I was scalded, so unexpected. I was forced to stop to think about things that I did want to think no long. I was forced to become aware of things that never faded and are still rooted inside me. <<Non fare cazzate e giocatela...>>. Eh, don't do bullshit and play your game... Dear Luca, I am not doing anything but this since 7 months ago, except for some bullshits. Brazilian style, eh?
Luca and Domenico have gone 2 hours ago. Now, it's even a little bit harder to play my game, but I will try, that's sure.
That means: "Welcome to Gaza"...
Here above, pictures taken by Luca, Domenico and Miche in Sulukule, Istanbul.
Tomorrow I will start a 3 days session in studio for recortding some music for the movie.
On thursday I will leave to Rock-a festival.
The neighboring Iran meanwhile is fighting in the street. These are also portraits that are forcing us to stop and think. 

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