Bubbles on my skin

I never had allergies in my life that I remember. Before today only one intoxication. Usually my body, as well as my personality, accepts and metabolizes without distinction and without discrimination. For some days my body is covered with bubbles. Also appeared this winter, timidly. But now they are everywhere.
These past months I have seen many unacceptable things under my eyes. The only possible reaction should be rejection. It is almost 7 months since I moved to Istanbul. I have to make a list? The bombing on Gaza. The controversial sudden departure of a close person. The moral and political collapse of my country. By the way, since yesterday a new Italian law says that to be illegal immigrants is a crime. But iimmigrants are not llegal for their choice, and as said Fabrizio De Andrè "ci hanno insegnato la meraviglia verso la gente che ruba il pane, ora sappiamo che è un delitto il non rubare quando si ha fame" (=have taught us the wonder to the people who stole the bread, now we know that it is a crime not to steal when people are hungry, "Nella mia ora di libertà"). I mean, those who leave their lands to risk their fate in Italy, they don't choose, it is not a choice, it is a necessity. So the choice is taken by the government not to recognize them as legal. Thus, lacking the will, how could it be a crime?
Unacceptable things I was saying. Tomorrow I will be in Izmir for a concert of Bandista together with Inti-Illimani. But my heart will be in Vicenza. This is another unacceptable thing. But most of all I find unacceptable how the servility has become the dominant morality in Italy. In Vicenza tomorrow there will be another large demonstration against the construction of American military base "Dal Molin". Come on guys!!
But the most fierce enemy of the movement "No Dal Molin", is not the Americans, who are at least pretending to listen, but other citizens of Vicenza who want the base. If this is not servility!
Meanwhile, my skin is full of bubbles. The cream does something, they disappear for a few hours then reappear. I am becoming intolerant? I do not know. Certainly incompatible. Incompatible with dishonesty, with those who call "law" their justifications, with those who called "right" a consolidated result of old abuses, with those who calls "loyalty" the most miserable servility. 

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