The art of speculating on tragedies

The new "Willkommenskultur made in Germany" is not a party of international solidarity, just the usual eurocentrism. Well, we should acknowledge, Angela Merkel thought it right, this time, and left everybody speechless with that strange feeling like „something should be wrong here, but still I like it". And who dares criticize is just often stuttering in the wind.

Who applauds now, applauds the war 

In the frame of horrifying news of burning refugee homes and a chancellor that hasn't said anything about increasing racism (and only 2 months ago, in a Tv show, made a young Palestinian girl cry after saying „in Germany there is no place for everybody"), it is of high importance to welcome refugees kindly. In a frame of an inhumane refugee policy, while Europe refuse to create legal ways of immigration and Germany denies its support to countries like Greece or Italy facing alone the emergency of sinking boats of immigrants, it is of high importance (for the German Government) to show that refugees are welcome in Germany.
But it is of higher importance (for us citizens) to make clear to German politicians that they are not going to get away with pseudo-human hypocrite politics.
The stomach of many is in turmoil, the brain continues always half-off. Interesting how a photo (showing only one case out of thousands of children previously fallen into oblivion) diverts the anger of the Internet surfers to the cruelty of borders and not to the responsibilities of an absurd and hypocritical war. As if opening borders was the solution and not the least of Justice. But borders, you know, are an abstract enemy. While in the Syrian War and the Middle East we cling to our stakeholders and we keep on blowing on the conflict. Toxic narration is exasperating us more than everything.

Party of international solidarity?

Some really seem to think, that what happened in the last days in Germany is some kind of a party. Newspapers, tv and internet are covering us with pictures of Syrian children, who gleaming with pleasure are grabbing cuddly toys from the hands of the German „heroes", at Munich central station people are singing "Freude schöner Götterfunken" (Joy, fair spark of the Gods), and with pride swells the heart, when the police in Munich announces: No more donations, please!. People are applauding while refugees are arriving, the media are talking about a festival of international solidarity, with more then 250.000 dead in Syria and more then 11 million in flight, this seems more than sarcastic. Why we didn‘t organize these parties in Aleppo or Homs or Yarmouk. Our unarmed presence in those places, as interposition, would have been enjoyed much more by Syrians and would have kept them away from the temptation to become slavish to us.
Europe and United States are carrying responsability for the destabilisation in the countries of origin of these refugees. European Colonialism and neocolonial structures like Bush‘s war on terror have devastated whole regions with the exploitation of rights and resources. Why the Christians of Europe don‘t mention about it when they preach to welcome refugees as a Christian duty? Sure, it is certainly a duty, but these are not pilgrims. These people are running away from our wars. If we don‘t finish the reasoning, we are offering a chance to continue the tragedy.

The whole world is celebrating us Germans?

Germany has not only done too little to bring the parties in conflict in the syrian civil war back to negotiating table, dispite the appearance of the IS over the whole region the conflict mutated into a proxy war. On the opposite, through aming a single ethnic group, the Kurds, it has intensified the conflicts in a multiethnical region. While German politicians are talking about a political solution and are propagating a foreign policy of abstention, Germany as the 3rd biggest weapon exporter of the world is earning from the war in Syria. That Germany took part in building the syrian chemical weapon arsenal, with which in August 2013 Assad killed 1300 people with a poison gas attack, and this is widely known. As it is known the Franco-German raket called „Milan" which armed both Assad as well as the "rebels".
Let‘s reason: I throw a match in a home, set fire, then when the people who lived there knock at my door to find shelter I welcome them with a warm smile and a nice "welcome" and I feel amazing. The psychological mechanisms of self-preservation, self-absolution and self-compensation of Eurocentrism are endless. It is not in doubt the "welcome", it is our feeling miserably extraordinary without ever being able to feel remorse for our responsibilities. After all, there is always an Assad to blame somewhere.
Besides, who thinks the German Willkommenskultur is exemplary, should ask himself why Germany still didn‘t provide the amount asked by UNHCR to support the neighbour countries of Syria, that took most of the Syrian refugees. But yes, when they are far enough and they also don‘t have enough money to come to Germany, nobody cares about refugees.

The Germans are able to afford it...

That‘s true. Germany can afford it to welcome refugees. But moreover, in the context of Germany's ruthless acting in the eurocrisis, German politicians need to spread a good image of Germany. Angela Merkel disguised the opening of the borders for the refugees waiting in Hungary cleverly as a moral duty, in order to appeal now to the responsibility of the other European states for a just distribution of the refugees. So a political discourse becomes an appeal for empathy to the members of EU, which is hiding the responsability of Germany for the desastrous situation in countries like Portugal and Greece. Merkel‘s decision to let the refugees come to Germany, is a strategic one, based on the need expressed by the German economists, looking for qualified workers to be integrated and support with their taxes the costful German welfare. Pools show, that most of the Syrian refugees finished school or went to university, that means they are "usefull refugees". And if then, after one week of propaganda, too many will come to Germany we can still appeal to the moral of the others...

Applause, Applause!

Who is exploiting resources and rights, financing wars, making profit of the suffering of others, and then takes a ridiclous percentage of the refugees, no, is not making higly pleasant policy. Who is celebrating a party of international solidarity with balloons and teddybears, without rebelling against imperial politics, is doing the same as Sigmar Gabriel (German Minister of Economy), who is exporting weapons to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and then wants to open a refugee home with Til Schweiger (popular German actor). Who is applauding here, is applauding himself and a chancelor, that was clever enough to disguise herself as „Dea ex machina". Who is apllauding here, is applauding the war.
Beside a new debate about asylum laws, beside a new debate about a distribution of refugees in Europe, we need especially one thing:
Rejection of the hegemonial eurocentric view on the rest of the world! The first step is: stop selling weapons to Kurds, to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to Assad, to Turkey. Stop selling wars. Immediate ceasefire. Request for a universal embargo on weapons and their employment in the Middle East, including Russian and Iranian support to Assad. Opening of a negotiating table. restoration of security conditions for the return of refugees to Syria.
All the rest is smoke in the eyes and criminal hunger.
Amrei Deller
Michelangelo Severgnini 
"Here the dreams will come true",  

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