40 years after Pasolini

Today was the day of Göreme. Yesterday we arrived late and the day was over. Even today, to tell the truth, has had a hard start. We woke up late and we had trouble recovering a file that we needed for the day.
In the end, rented 3 bikes, we left to the valleys of Cappadocia. We have not visited any of the official churches buried in the rock. We have however found one, a little one, by accident, outside the official process of the 7 churches in the open air museum under UNESCO protection since 1985. To protect this church there was a man of 50 years. Really are few those who go there. The church is called "Church of the mirror". We ventured to the tunnels, some passages were very narrow and steep. We did a little lesson of applied speleology. In this valley, and in these rock formations, found refuge first Christians. It is said that the name "Göreme" means "what you do not see" from "görmek", "to see", and "me", the negation. A sort of valley of the catacombs. Telling the truth, I felt much more the christian soul of Turkey here than in Istanbul, niether in Aya Sofia. 
But we were not very interested in the churches, but rather in the landscape and the magic of the place. Look just a while at this picture, tells you nothing?
Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed here in 1969 the film "Medea". He has always had great talent to find unreal and breathtaking landscapes. Many years later here they have also shot "Star Wars", but it was something else. Göreme 1969 should have been a crazy place. I was interested in this aspect, in the valley, in the typical rock conformations (called "fairy chimney") result of wind erosion on the rock fall here after an eruption of a volcano off now.
The village of Göreme has only a few thousand inhabitants. But now it has become one of the main stages on the Lonely Planet in the Middle East. Thousands of Western tourists transit here every year. There is a bus from here which leads to Damascus, Syria. Sure, why: one after Göreme where he can go if not to Damascus? I hate this kind of tourism (which other tourism I support?). It is not only because of a great cultural distance between the tourist and the local community, moreover they also have no other contact but in currency. Tonight there was a wedding feast, but local people and tourists still ignored each others. In addition, this is an extension of the dream of Anglo-Saxon imperialism in the Middle East. Today there was also a gentleman of 60 years, English, dressed as Lawrence of Arabia. Almost all the tourists of Lonely Planet has this myth when they are in the Middle East, but to dress that way it seems too much! That in Turkey there are no camels, that's a detail that they can not grasp. In fact today we have also seen a camel, so to satisfy the customer you must do everything, even to import camels. My god!
Anyway tomorrow we leave, we go to Sivas. It will be another world, real Turkey. Finally tomorrow we will step paths away from traditional tourists.

Here above on the road between Sivas and Göreme.
The picture here above: our Golgotha. We took our shootings here, as the many photos in this report.
Here below some pictures stolen from Fabrizio's camera.

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