2018 Italian vote: bleating windward

Let's bleat stronger, since the icy wind blows, the land of snow is covered and the shepherd where the green pastures are knows.
So let's make our choice, choose which side to stay: we prefer close to the shepherd with his lashings and his reassuring whistles, or hidden in the pile pushed from one side to the other, or at the end of the flock, to breathe air and horizon and to suffer dog bites.
Not that the non-vote guarantees different privileges, outside the flock. Always that is the end. But in short, in the metaphor (sorry if I make it simple, but I came across this flock in the snowy countryside of Crema and it was an irresistible temptation), I do not want ear tags.
So here we are at the third appointment with the declaration of vote in the Italian political elections since this online diary was opened. The choice based on questions of principle and not of merit, already expressed in the past, I repeat today, for consistency: I DO NOT VOTE.
For the reasons see the previous statements about the 2013 elections. 
But really whoever wins these Italian elections, nothing will change?
No, maybe not this.
On the horizon there are different scenarios, difficult to predict, which have made the usual foreign observers rack their brains but this time, let's face it, also a good part of us Italians did. Scenarios often opposed and very distant from each other. In short, it could be a new beginning or maybe the beginning of the end. It's all poised for a handful of votes or almost. Between the two scenarios, a myriad of possible nuances in the middle, more or less all not exciting.


M5S: Five-star movement
Five years ago I said I could not consult the Cumaean Sibyl and therefore did not know what the M5S would have done in these 5 years. Now I can say that they did not disappoint me, they did more or less what I expected, for better or for worse: extraordinary things on one side (in the sense of extra-ordinary: € 22 million deducted from the salaries of their politicians and returned to the Italian people) and untidy, useless and often insensate things on the other (the campaign against "sea taxis").
Where they have disappointed me, if anything, but not because they have abdicated on the subject however, it is about direct participation. The "Rousseau" platform is something, it is above all a tool that many abroad are imitating.
The discussion always invoked around the "mandate constraint" for parliamentarians, non-existent in the Italian Constitution, remains a strong theme of their politics.
In short, almost everything is fine, but I want more. At least by those who ask me for a vote. I want the abolition of the Parliament composed of elected representatives, or at least give me the referendum Saturdays, or at least a clear and binding legal tool to determine the choices of the parliamentarian who "represents me", time by time. I do not do anything with his vow of conscience, I already have my conscience and it is the only one I trust (and not always).
I do not think that the M5S needs office defenders, but I would point out that the topic of M5S that is closest to my heart is the one least digested by Italian citizens.
Still this morning on the street I heard this comment: "When it comes to the M5S you never know what they think: first they say one thing, then the opposite, sometimes they seem left, sometimes they seem right. I do not trust them, but if you want to go to the government of Italy, you will have to have clear ideas on the fundamental questions! If you make me understand your ideas, then I'll tell you whether I agree or not " .
Unfortunately this is a person who does not chew "liquid democracy". In other words, not expressing, sometimes not having a clear idea on a topic, it is not a lack but a (paradoxical) proof of the proper functioning of the mechanism. In other words, it is no longer the scheme of the father-master party (and also a little bit shepherd) that shows you the way and a little bit also bites you to make you go that way. To use another metaphor: we are not in a market where you expect the seller to display the various products on the counter so that you can choose. The "liquid politics" does not offer products, offers no ideas, much less ideologies. The liquid politics helps to offer you the knowledge (at least does not put censorship) and offers you a tool: in other words it gives you seed and shovel. But then you grow your own vegetables at your house every day.
So the M5S does not have clear ideas on some topics, for example the Euro, for example NATO, for example immigration? Well, get in, take seed and shovel and bring your ideas, just like that, from time to time, with the responsibility of being credible every time without the umbrella of ideology.
Politics is the art of meeting: why should I slip into the fold where everyone already thinks like me? In this way a social transformation can take place only after a traumatic collapse of the equilibrium of society. It is to mix, it is to talk among people of different ideas, what changes ourselves and the society in which we live. Each has its own principles. But it is not necessary to abdicate these to understand that the meeting is not a compromise, but a synthesis. If this happens in the squares, in the assemblies and, why not, even in the online forums, rather than in the closed secretariats of the parties, I feel safer.
In any case, perhaps late, but more and more left voters in Italy today, if they do not vote M5S, at least at this lap they hope for their victory and overturning the table. The electorate of the M5S is largely, according to studies of these years, coinciding with the slice of Italian population that up until 30 years ago voted the Italian Communist Party. And it is not difficult to understand that when Enrico Berlinguer spoke of the blackmail to which the Italian people was subjected, that is, being subordinated to an exercise of functional power to a "caste" (and hence the moral question), he was, in some way, so to speak, a proto-Grillo supporter.
It is not only a moral question, it is that the M5S has responded to the needs of that Italian population. With the right answer? The Cumaean Sibyl could tell us this. But a politics based on the needs of the people and not on their whims, seems to me a significant step forward. The 5 stars then, it must be said, are still there to shine and to mark a road that many more than the voters of the Movement would follow: public water, defense of the environment, free connectivity, development aimed at degrowth, and public transportations.



PaP: Power to the People
There is another political party the vote to which I consider legitimate at this turn: Power to the People. Looking at their electoral program, the coincidence with my dreams, my expectations, my desires, is almost millimetric. All that "incertitude" present in the M5S, here is in a decisive and convinced way affirmed in the direction that I hope. However, as mentioned above, it is not a question of merit, but of principle. In other words, I do not believe in the representation of this democracy, I do not believe in representative democracy, so it would almost seem to me to commit incest by putting a signature on the symbol of PaP. Of course, that the party was founded only a few months ago does not help, especially them. Especially those citizens a bit distracted, for whom the consequences of the system take time to be disposed of and a few months (since the party was founded) are a little time to spread the action of PaP outside the militants' circle. In any case, I hope that they will pass the 3% threshold and that their path will continue. There are many things to be explored yet and my curiosity is a lot. Starting from the electoral turn of those who for decades, at the extreme left, opposed the system. To continue with those who, often overwhelmed by militant rhetoric, have done in these decades more a destructive policy (sometimes of class hate and little more) than a unifying (and therefore positive) policy. "Where there was no, we will bring the yes", they say. Great. Long life to you and to us all!



FI: Forza Italia
The indecent grandfather is back. Berlusconi is back on the field, at his seventh election campaign. How this is possible for a "natural delinquent" (as a 4-year sentence for tax fraud establishes, that's why his ineligibility), it is not easy to understand. How this is possible for one accused and suspected of being the instigator of the mafia killings of 1992, this too is very difficult to understand. Perhaps Angela Merkel and the European People's Party can help us, along with the Brussels technocrats and German bankers. I think they are the instigators of this seventh electoral effort, of 18% that the polls assign him. Seeing him a few weeks ago served and revered in the corridors of the palaces of the vitreous belly of Europe, alongside that much-vaunted ass, I felt, once again, betrayed by this Europe. The merits of Renzi in his return instead I omit them, he did what he could and also in this case, however, at the end, he failed.



LeU: Free and equal
And now a drum roll. There is also a serious government leftist party this time: Free and Equal. Between a nice Bersani, but unable to grasp the momentum in the aftermath of the last elections (ended up in the air, from being the secretary of the PD to one of the many "ex") and a warring D'Alema, bombardier of the Balkans but also of the Italian Constitution and his article 11, what can I say? To warm up the backside, perhaps a blanket at home can be enough, rather than insisting with a seat in Parliament.



PD: Democratic Party
They will get offended perhaps those of the PD if I mention them only now, but what should I say? To reduce the cost of labor, digging the grave to the young Italian generations, to save the careers of bankers and thiefs (one day those who Renzi wanted to scrap), to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, central African-Middle Eastern wars headquarter (always to save the careers of the aforementioned), to save banks and aiming at corrupting dictators (the scandal of Eni maxi-bribes in Nigeria) to obtain more low-cost oil and leave renewable energy to stories of fairy tales. What should I say? I hope a result of below 15% for the good of Italy.



Perhaps the Lega is missing (I omit the other small parties for decency). I do not have much to say. The Lega itself does not worry me, let alone Salvini, he has no thickness. Of course, if the League were to enter the government, however, it could act as an umbrella for the neo-fascist groups in Italy. It is the detonator effect that must be feared, not the political party.



For foreign friends who would like to understand what will happen: really it would take the crystal ball! In the field there are 3 poles in contention for the victory: center-left, center-right and M5S. To form a government immediately, one of these 3 poles, according to the current bad (and probably unconstitutional) Italian electoral law, it should exceed 40% of the votes, as coalition. Likely, none of the 3 poles will reach this quota. The paths of the unspeakable agreements are endless, but I think this time it will be difficult to form a government: every choice of convergence would mark a betrayal and the consequent collapse of credibility for each party. I am convinced that there will be a phase of discussion and repositioning, of maturation of certain paths heading to new elections and the real game will be played in the coming months in the squares, factories, universities, on the web, in short in the conscience of those Italians who will take inspiration from the depth of a history of hospitality and imagination to give life to a change. Also from a history of resistance. To change this Italy, but first of all this Europe, upside down.
Michelangelo Severgnini 


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