Mein Leben ist wie ein Film --- February - 15 - 2009 - BERLIN (GERMANY)

So in the end I went back to Berlin. If my dreams follow no more a person, but are still following these places. In those days there was the Berlinale, which ends today. In the meantime I met a group of very interesting directors.
And I made a quick trip to Dresden, to greet some friends, to participate in a counter-demonstration on the anniversary of the bombing on the 14th of February 1945 when Dresden was destroyed by the English war planes. A few thousand nazis make a parade every year on this day to remember what was a terrible injustice, but what right they have to do this is hard to understand. I marched with my sign: "dein Italienische Souvenir", not much at issue with the argument, but as well the one who could read was not in the parade, but under some warm blanket of the cold winter in Dresden, which freezes the hearts. So I waited in the night on the stairs with the sign for her return and it was like in a movie. But after the first scene there was not much to remember.
How you can love a place, a dream, a person like she was, and by now be indifferent, almost bored by what is now. Yet so it is. Tuesday I go to Italy. I need more space in my heart and in my mind to make things get in. It is hard, but after having found balance, it's time to free some space inside me for new things to get in. Berlin and Istanbul are 2 very large and populous cities to make them enter into my life.

The last reflex --- February - 09 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

In a few days I'll be back in Italy, after more than 3 months. In this period so many things are happened in my life and in the world. Many things have changed in my life and in the world. In many ways the scenarios seem to be completely changed, sometimes upside down.
My home country is about to collapse. Implosion has already begun. The story of Eluana Englaro is a horrific example, of how bleak life must be in my home country. This girl is in irreversible coma since 1993. A court ruled recently and allowed that the plug is disconnected, and this sentence pushed her story in the middle of the political life struggle. Berlusconi and many other puppets in his hands are exploiting at national level this story in order to attack the democratic institutions of the country with not much veiled target of censuring the President of the Republic and in fact depriving him of his role.
Meanwhile bulldozers trying to get into action in Vicenza to start the work leading to the construction of a new American military base in Italy.

The magic carpet --- February - 07 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

One of the most famous stories of "One thousand and one nights" (كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة Kitāb Alf Layla wa-Layla) is "The magic carpet". I do not know if they were truly magical, but in my life I have had a lot of carpets. Indeed, I must say that I became a dreamer sat just over a carpet. Perhaps I was still walking uncertainly and already I remember my first carpet whose perimeter was the boundary of my world. That was not the real world, but my own world. A laboratory of dreams that like so many birds from there took off to go to populate the forest that was the real world.
A few days ago I bought a carpet. I bought it in the market in Tarlabaşı, right down on the street. Every Sunday takes place this play in the open air where people are spectators and players at the same time. Prices are cheap, chaos is unspeakable and fun guaranteed.
To be sat on a carpet in my room this week changed my life (at least the recent life). I was put back in touch with the essential elements of my existence. And dreams, become birds once again, have marked the flight to the city that was just outside the window: Istanbul. And there's no dust under my carpet and the ones I had in the past, never. And also this carpet still does not fly, it's true, but one of these days you never know ...

So lonely --- February - 01 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

It is not easy to tell what surrounds us when our thoughts are focused within us. I am the undisputed protagonist of my time. There are no other reasons but my injured ego or my broken heart. I have my reasons, of course, no one can deny me. But perhaps it is not reasonable to make my own world the entire world when never before myself was launched in the world like now. It is a long road, from a ghost gradually a person regains a shape, a presence, a smile. A journey that seems never to end. Like an old song of the "Police" ...
<<Well someone told me yesterday
That when you throw your love away
You act as if you just dont care
You look as if youre going somewhere
But I just cant convince myself
I couldnt live with no one else
And I can only play that part
And sit and nurse my broken heart
So lonely, so lonely, so lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely
Know no ones knocked upon my door
For a thousand years or more
All made up and no where to go
Welcome to this one man show
Just take a seat theyre always free
No surprise no mystery
In this theatre that I call my soul
I always play the starring role

Sliding strategy --- January - 26 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Another Monday has arrived. Israeli troops have left the Gaza Strip (after 1330 deads). A new American president took office in the White House. In Italy the army is sent to the streets to "protect our women from rapists" (but the soldiers in history have not been the greatest rapists?), the demonstrations are prohibited in places where there is a church (everywhere in Italy), unemployment is increasing, and justice is the slave of power: "tu sei il potere, vuoi essere giudicato? vuoi essere assolto o condannato?" = "you are the power, you want to be judged? want to be acquitted or convicted?". My dear regime is done. It is called "sliding strategy", it means gaining an inch at a time, because for an inch more or less who should complain? But in the end you find yourself in a regime and you didn't realized. We are tired of the "sliding strategy", right? We are tired of the "better worst", right? We are tired of the accusations against Israel stated by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and then in Kurdistan Turkey can do much worse (40 thousand deaths in the last 20 years).

Videos from the tribute concert to De Andrè --- January - 19 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Here below some links to videos of some songs played on the 11th of January during a tribute concert to the 10th anniversary of the death of Fabrizio De Andrè at "Leyla Teras" in Istanbul.

War is over (by now) --- January - 19 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Özhan Önder is on his 2nd day of hunger strike for the "Chain Hunger Strike for Gaza" campaign.
Israel and Hamas have been convinced for a ceasefire, fragile but necessary. The war is not over, because the reasons that animated the conflict are not finished. This is just the relentless and bloody terrible new chapter in a crisis that seems eternal between Palestinians and Israelis. But one day will end. Like the mafia will end.

Paranoia is a deadly weapon --- January - 14 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Özgür Gençer is on his 3rd day of hunger strike for the "Chain Hunger Strike for Gaza" campaign.
One of the most reliable sources, brave and honest, through which I try to follow the atrocities carried out by Israel in Gaza, is the television channel Al-Jazeera in English. I follow the live website. Also on their site I found an interesting interview with Musa Abu Marzouq, the deputy head of Hamas' political bureau, living in Damascus. While at this time the number of Palestinian victims in Gaza is close to inevitable 1000 deads, while some Iranian ships are entering the Gaza Strip to deliver aid as the ship "Dignity" of the "Free Gaza Movement", this interview shows the murderous folly of Israel, but especially the stupidity of its strategies. Having strengthened Hezbollah in 2006, now they are preparing to permanently strengthen Hamas (why: someone has any doubt?). Now more than one analyst repeats that the worst enemy of Israel is Israel itself, the paranoia is a deadly weapon for hitting themselves. Not to mention that by now to defend Israel in the world are only Hillary Clinton and Franco Frattini, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Oh, and the websites of far-right Jewish Americans ...

The live stream has failed --- January - 12 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Kapdkjumb apologize endlessly with all the devoted readers. Unfortunately, last night due to a technical problem was not possible to set the live stream on the tribute concert to Fabrizio De Andrè, as expected. The evening at the "Leyla Teras" in Istanbul was beautiful, unforgettable for who writes. As soon as possible in order to partially remedy the failure, will be soon available on the website the video of the event.
Kapdkjumb si scusa infinitamente con tutti gli affezionati lettori. Purtroppo ieri sera a causa di un problema tecnico non è stato possibile realizzare il collegamento in diretta con il concerto tributo per Fabrizio De Andrè, così come previto. La serata al "Leyla Teras" di Istanbul è stata splendida, indimenticabile per chi scrive. Al più presto, per rimediare parzialmente all'inconveniente, sarà disponibile sul sito la registrazione video dell'evento. 
Pictures taken by Nobuyoshi Kitamura.

De Andrè live stream --- January - 10 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Sunday 11 January, at 21.30 Turkish time and 20.30 Italian time, this site will broadcast live stream the concert tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè on the 10th anniversary of the death. The concert will be held at the "Leyla Teras" of Istanbul. In those terrible days when the world loses its innocence, in the words of a great poet we will try along the way for a new hope.
Domenica 11 gennaio, alle 21.30 ore turche e 20.30 ore italiane, su questo sito sarà trasmesso in diretta in streaming il concerto tributo per Fabrizio De Andrè nel decimo anniversario della scomparsa. Il concerto si terrà presso il "Leyla Teras" di Istanbul. in questi giorni terribili in cui il mondo perde la sua innocenza, dalle parole di un grande poeta cercheremo insieme il senso per una nuova speranza.

The campaign for Gaza continues --- January - 09 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

Yesterday evening, after 5 days of fasting, I stopped the hunger strike, with a dinner with friends here at home and so much solidarity for the Palestinian people in Gaza. Lobna Al Lamii, a Palestinian girl who lives in Istanbul, took my place and is now fasting with Ahmet Faruk Keçeli who lives in Bafra on the Turkish Black Sea. She will continue untill sunday night, when, during the tribute concert to Fabrizio De Andrè, with a kind of ceremony, she will pass the baton to another boy.
Meanwhile, yesterday we held a press conference here in Istanbul and today the news of our campaign has appeared in newspapers in Turkey. Here are 2 links to websites who reported the news: and
While today I was interviewed by Radio Onda D'Urto.
So now I'm trying to return my forces to the concert on Sunday evening. Here's the poster of the concert.

Mind guerrillas --- January - 07 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

4th day of hunger strike.
In Gaza, people are still under the launch of missiles and grenades from the Israeli troops. Instead we are still under the launch of the absurd statements of the Israeli politicians. For this reason, as the Palestinians are resisting in Gaza, we must resist against them by force of our thoughts. Israeli President, Shimon Peres, this morning said: "We are not looking for a cease-fire but for the cessation of terrorism". But please, someone wants to explain to him that "terrorism" is a strategy of war and not a race or a tribe or a people or a religion? On the contrary, "terrorism" is precisely the strategy of war that the army of the country of which he is president is putting in place. But probably he already knows it. Therefore, President, do not mistake to fool us with the flag of "terrorism", we have eyes to see and heads to understand.

Call for Chain Hunger Strike --- January - 06 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

<<Call for Chain Hunger Strike in Protest against Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip
On Saturday, January 3, upon receiving the news of the Israeli ground attack of the Gaza Strip, Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Severgnini commenced a solitary hunger strike here in Istanbul, in protest against this atorocity. We, the local group of supporters of his courageous action, hereby request our Friends of the World Community to join us in a global action, we have termed "Chain Hunger Strike", the rule of engagement of which we propose shall be outlined below.
Guiding Principle
Each member of our World Community must decide whether to be a mere observer or a true witness of the current crisis. In order to be a witness of history, however, one must live in its events. Were it a joyful event in history, we would have rejoiced. How shall a true witness express his or her sorrow and anger in the face of the on-going tragedy in the Gaza Strip? Mass demonstrations against Israeli action have been taking place in every major cities in the world. We cry out against the atorocity, denoucing Israeli actions, demanding the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops. But is it enough?

The massacre of the innocents --- January - 06 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

3rd day of hunger strike.
This is a massacre of the innocents: 100 children died among 600 Palestinian victims. How the god of the Jews may not yet be disgusted enough? I think that some Israelis have a deep need of psychotherapy, if their ghosts turn them into exterminators. Now they do not even have more care of bullshits they're shooting more of the bombs. Self-defence against Hamas and not against civilians? But how this can happen? Who are those civilians if not those who have voted Hamas 2 years ago? Who else can still say that Palestinians are hostages of Hamas?
Rather let's ask why the Palestinians voted Hamas. And of course the answer can only reinforce the belief that this Israel criminal action will push the Palestinians to more and more extremist positions (as it is human to imagine after days of full terror and hundreds people massacred without any self-defense or escape). Then? What is the true aim of Israel: the genocide?
Once more I am convinced that "self-defence" is not a right but a privilege to those who are better armed. Otherwise let us know how the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip could self-defend? With the ridiculous Qassam rockets? They should have destroyed Israel as well. However this does not happen. Then the self-defense is not a right but a criminal privilege.
The Israel colonialist paranoia should be considered a danger for humanity and as such taken into account.
Today, once again, I do not recognize Israel as an independent State.

Stop the war now! --- January - 04 - 2009 - ISTANBUL (TURKEY)

1st day of hunger strike.
The Israeli ground operation has begun. I don't have any hopes but the one that the Israeli troops will be withdrawn as soon as possible. In these last hours Shimon Peres, Israeli president, has said: "If we get our victory, there will be peace". What kind of  way of thinking is this!? How can you call it peace, then? So, let's try to define "peace", this time. Peace can only happen if there is justice and agreement between the 2 sides. If someone prevails on the other, how can he call it peace?
So, I think those in the Israeli Parliament have some confused ideas, especially about "terrorism" and "peace". And also about "self-defense". During 8 days of bombings,the relationship between the dead Israelis and Palestinians is 1 to 100. So, how the Israelis can call it "self-defense"?

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