2018 Italian vote: bleating windward

Let's bleat stronger, since the icy wind blows, the land of snow is covered and the shepherd where the green pastures are knows.
So let's make our choice, choose which side to stay: we prefer close to the shepherd with his lashings and his reassuring whistles, or hidden in the pile pushed from one side to the other, or at the end of the flock, to breathe air and horizon and to suffer dog bites.
Not that the non-vote guarantees different privileges, outside the flock. Always that is the end. But in short, in the metaphor (sorry if I make it simple, but I came across this flock in the snowy countryside of Crema and it was an irresistible temptation), I do not want ear tags.
So here we are at the third appointment with the declaration of vote in the Italian political elections since this online diary was opened. The choice based on questions of principle and not of merit, already expressed in the past, I repeat today, for consistency: I DO NOT VOTE.
For the reasons see the previous statements about the 2013 elections. 
But really whoever wins these Italian elections, nothing will change?

Voto italiano 2018: belando controvento

Italiane e Italiani!
Beliamo più forte ché il vento gelido spira, la terra di neve è coperta e il pastore dove stanno i verdi pascoli conosce.
Facciamo dunque la nostra scelta, scegliamo da che parte stare: preferiamo vicino al pastore con le sue sferzate e i suoi fischi rassicuranti, o nascosti nel mucchio sospinti da una parte all'altra, oppure in fondo, all'estremità del gregge, a respirare aria e orizzonte e a patire i morsi del cane?
Non che il non-voto garantisca privilegi diversi, al di fuori dal gregge. Sempre quella è la fine. Ma insomma, nella metafora (scusate se la faccio semplice, ma essermi imbattuto in questo gregge nella campagna cremasca innevata è stata una tentazione irresistibile), io non voglio etichette all'orecchio.
Eccoci dunque al terzo appuntamento con la dichiarazione di voto alle elezioni politiche italiane da quando esiste questo diario in rete. La scelta fondata su questioni di principio e non di merito, già espressa in passato, la ribadisco oggi, per coerenza: NON VOTO.
Per le ragioni si vedano le precedenti dichiarazioni: 2008 e 2013.

O partigiani o indifferenti? Riflessioni sul dilemma gramsciano e i suoi equivoci nelle rivolte arabe e nel conflitto in Siria

Scarica qui il saggio in versione pdf.





Severgnini, M. (2017), "O partigiani o indifferenti? Riflessioni sul dilemma
gramsciano e i suoi equivoci nelle rivolte arabe e nel conflitto in Siria",
Scienza e Pace, VIII, 1, pp. 33-62. 

Humanitarian crime - Reato umanitario


Ten years ago, I was preparing to start shooting a road-movie, a job that eventually was finished, but never presented. And it still stays there, unpublished. The title is "Yakamoz", a Turkish word meaning "full moon light on the Bosphorus". The trip departed from Bari and ended in Istanbul. The protagonist was Anila, an Albanian violinist living in Bari who, after several vicissitudes, finally came to the Bosporus, facing the full moon reflected.
Anila had found herself in a migrant traffic from Turkey to Europe and had become an unconscious courier. But this traffic was not for profit. The traffickers, for the sake of precision, practiced consciously what was recently termed "humanitarian crime" in Italy.



In praise of Tornasol, reluctant horse - Elogio di Tornasol, cavalla riluttante

Yesterday was held the first Palio of Siena of the year, that of July 2. And there is a story that struck me: that of the Tornasol, a mare in the race for the district of Tartuca, which so much did until she was exempted from running, after nearly 90 minutes of ostensibly refusing to not enter the canaps, that is not to stand at the start and not to take part in the race.
I've been a so-called horse lover ever since I was a child. As a boy I rode regularly and still do not miss occasion, when it happens, to socialize with these beautiful beasts and to make a ride.

Last tango in Berlin - Ultimo tango a Berlino

The contrabass is ready, the bags are at its side. The same arms, the same legs, the same eyes always, who look far away without fear without hope. At the age of almost 43 I leave Berlin. Two years of "Willkommenskultur" were a storm too strong for a small boat. And not to end up like these floating woods that once belonged to glorious ships, I lift my sails and let myself be carried elsewhere. There will be a way later to get back on track, windward. As far as emigrating from North to South today, it is already a turn in the opposite direction.

Referendum in Turkey: NO comes from the street - Referendum in Turchia: il NO viene dalla strada

There are two things I like to do more than others: observing people and playing music. They sound to be two very different activities. And indeed they are. In one you receive, in the other you give. However I discovered that there is an occupation that allows me to do both simultaneously. I found it in Istanbul, in 2009. And it is being a street musician.
In the spring of that year I was initiated by a group that back then in Istanbul was opening a path: Kara Güneş. I joined them because I liked those guys and their music drove me crazy. I did not particularly need the money at that time, I could do without it, but I had a lot of curiosity to have this experience. Yes, I played sometimes on the street in Italy (and in some other countries of Europe), but never on a continuing basis and especially without perceiving the profound meaning of this action.
Since then there have been eight years and in the meantime I made the street music often my only job, for instance when I reach those moments of severe incompatibility with other forms of occupation.
In the first times I had to engage hard to keep up with these guys. I was bent on my instrument, and I tried not to miss eighths and triplets here and there, set in typical acrobatic odd rhythms of Turkish music that for me, at the time, were so difficult parts as the Turkish language that still I was trying to learn.

Italian referendum: No means NO

As a habit of this personal web space of mine, I use to accommodate my declaration of vote a few days before the elections in Italy, of which I am a citizen. The thing is extremely boring because my choice always falls on the same option: the non-vote.
Everytime I still ask myself the usual question, then fatally I answer myself "this time I will not vote". I do not believe in representative democracy, simply. I voted in the political elections in '94 and '96. Since then I stopped delegating and actually I still find it the only road.
I made an exception for the referendums and not always. In fact it is a direct decision, so my vote is not a delegation but a decision, although measured with the other expressed by other individuals who compose my State. It is this dimension of State, which I do not believe (I do not recognize it as something real), that sometimes has deterred me from go to the voting booth even for referendums.
The next December 4 Italy will vote for a constitutional referendum. A passage in the political life of my country that is important, as it could not be otherwise, whose influence however for the future of my country was not until now perhaps entirely reflected.

After the flood

The sky is raining all that he had not dared in recent months. The drought of the fields became mud and flows and erases the traces of our battles. What has remained silent all this time now screams and roars his thunders above the fields and all the suffering voices of the world echo far away.
What will remain intact at the end of the passage of this flood will be one day ready to live another story.
They are seasons that pass, which is useless to ask why it was so, why it's been so hard to get to the end of this heat that has stunned the thoughts, why this shower surprised us so violent that took away almost all the petals from flowers, why experience and knowledge did not prevent the fury of the storm from devastating the work of our days and efforts.
As every farmer knows, even the flood has to be welcomed, especially when it is over, and for the rest you count what's left and what was washed away. And from there you'll start over again.
But now is the time to stand under sheds and let the storm pass over and the sky vent the accumulated tension, crying.
And we will hear the sound of the drops for hours falling from the trees and the canopies and remember at every drop the past days of sorrow.

Finché c'è guerra c'è speranza - While there is war there is hope

Ecco perché Renzi titubava di fronte alle richieste della Merkel e di Hollande di unirsi alla coalizione che bombarda la Siria. Lui gli ordini li prende solo dagli Stati Uniti, da buon democristiano. In tutto 1.300 soldati italiani in Iraq a breve. Kerry, durante la visita di questi giorni in Italia, promette che "schiacceremo l'Isis" (con buona pace dei sostenitori del disimpegno statunitense dal Medio Oriente). Invece di incriminare Bush per i crimini commessi dall'occupazione militare americana in Iraq (più di 1 milione di morti e il caos da cui è sorto l'Isis), il mondo va nella direzione opposta. Si torna a occupare l'Iraq.
Il premier del governo iracheno, al-'Abadi, che dice? Per mesi si è opposto, anche se i militari italiani nel frattempo si erano già stanziati nell'Iraq curdo, cioé in una zona non controllata dal governo. Il 2 dicembre scorso affermava: <<Non c'è bisogno di truppe straniere sul terreno in Iraq>>.

Öcalan napoletano: i soliti italiani - Neapolitan Öcalan: the usual Italians

Complimenti al sindaco di Napoli, Luigi De Magistris: la politica delle figurine è sempre una tentazione troppo ghiotta per chi brancola nel buio.
È da quasi un anno che ad Öcalan non è concesso rilasciare dichiarazioni dal carcere di İmralı (durante il processo di pace tra governo turco e Curdi - ormai seppellito - non solo era il referente principale ma poteva grosso modo commentare su tutto e tramite i suoi avvocati far pervenire le sue dichiarazioni alla stampa). Chissà cosa direbbe oggi sull'agenda seguita dai generali del PKK dal giugno 2015 ad ora. "La soluzione va trovata con i Turchi all'interno della Turchia", diceva Öcalan fino a un anno fa. Infatti, non appena il progetto HDP è davvero sul punto di scardinare il potere di Erdoğan, insieme con la sinistra turca, il PKK interrompe il cessate-il-fuoco e dichiara Cizre indipendente (in pieno territorio turco, non in una regione svuotata di sovranita siriana e autoproclamatasi Rojava), così i nazionalisti si ricompattano attorno a Erdoğan, il suo partito riconquista la maggioranza nelle elezioni di riserva dello scorso novembre e la parola torna alle armi.

Il nuovo Medioevo italiano

Ho cominciato a giocare al pallone quando avevo 6 anni e non ho ancora smesso adesso che ne ho 41, amatorialmente. Ho anche giocato a livello agonistico per qualche anno.
Il calcio (quello praticato tra amici nel campetto sotto casa) è un gioco bello, semplice e alla portata di tutti. Per questo attira tante persone. Così facendo diventa spesso, a livelli professionistici e non solo, lo specchio di una società.
A me piaceva anche l'equitazione che ho praticato per qualche anno. Lì le persone erano educate ed istruite, perché per fare quello sport servono i soldi, purtroppo, e non tutti se lo possono permettere (come la cultura in Italia). Quando giocavo a calcio in modo agonistico ho incontrato spesso il ventre flaccido della nostra società. Non ho mai frequentato assiduamente le curve, ma sappiamo quale tipo di laboratorio possono diventare.

France is at war and always has been - La Francia è in guerra e sempre lo è stata

I confess that for ten days now I can no longer read the newspapers, especially the first few pages. If all goes well, I jump many pages. Or I look for some glimmer of reasonableness in some political megazine. It seems to be like in those situations when a passerby stops you in the street and bothers you with abstruse and out of context explanations, grasping your arm and making you waste time and all you'd like to say is: "Leave me, go to bother someone else".
So, to seek refuge or some kind of answer, I came across a couple of online movies that have suggested me the following reflections. The first is entitled "Munich" by American director Steven Spielberg, released in 2005, which tells the story of Operation "Wrath of God" with which the Israeli government intended to eliminate a number of Palestinian figures in response to the terrorist attack which took place in Olympic village in Munich in 1972 that led to the death of 11 Israeli athletes and members of the Palestinian commando belonging to the group known as Black September.
The second movie I watched these days is titled "Body of Lies" by British director Ridley Scott, released in 2008, and describes the activity of an American secret agent between Jordan and Iraq to work in the identification and elimination of Islamic terrorists.

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